It is an important requirement that both the door and the frame have a fire rated certified label clearly visible, these should not be removed or painted over. The label must be legible throughout the duration of the door. Proper labelling of fire rated assemblies is a vital part of life safety. Painted or missing or fire rated door labels are two of the top reasons that fire doors fail inspection.

The use of approved third-party agencies to perform field re-labelling for fire-rated doors and frames is often the most cost-effective alternative to replacement of non-compliant components while verifying the integrity of the opening.

Each label provides information about a particular fire door and frame including the manufacturers details, the hourly rating and its unique identification number. It also provides evidence that the door has been properly tested and inspected

Please note ~

There are strict rules for the issuing of replacement labels which MUST match the original information. You MUST provide evidence that the original door has been supplied by the manufacturer or converter, such as the original CF and unique number (if known) and / or invoices from the supplier which enables the manufacture to verify the information.

Assuming the door has passed other points of inspection, a new label can be generated, and the door/frame can be re-certified

Fire Door Relabelling
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