Fire Door Inspection & Certification

Our certified Fire Door Inspectors are fully accredited by the FDIS and or NAFDI to undertake all types of fire door inspections and certifications. Our inspectors have the ability to make minor adjustments to the fire door assembly during the inspection, this can be the difference between a pass or a fail. This could possibly eliminate the need for another trade being employed to undertake minor rectification works.

Over 60% of New Fire Doors Fail on Non-Compliant Installation

Keeping it Safe
Fire Door Inspection Reports

  • Our Fire Door Inspection and Certification Service provides a detailed inspection report of all fire and exit doors using our latest data collection technology software
  • Our Fire Door Inspection and Certification Service includes a full detailed report outlining the defects and faults with your fire door assembly and advice on how to reach compliance
  • An identification label can be attached to each fire door providing a unique reference number for data referencing and demonstrating to the building users that the doors have been surveyed professionally
  • To ensure a properly catalogued history of each fire door is retained, a report will be issued to compliment your log book; This must be maintained on the premises and readily available for inspection. Door certificates can also be furnished upon request

Most Common Fire Door Inspection Failures

FDIS Statistics 2019: 100,000+ Inspections

  • 76% condemned as not fit for purpose
  • 57% Require small scale maintenance
  • 30% condemned due to poor installation

Most Common Fire Door Faults and Failures:

  • Incorrect Installation
  • Gaps too large
  • Seal / Smoke Seal Issues
  • Poor Door Closer
  • Damaged/ Water Damaged Leaf

Fire Door Maintenance & Fire Door Certification Fact Cards

Fire Door Maintenance

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Fire Door Certification

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