Fire Door Labels

All fire door blanks are provided with a manufacturers label/BM Trada Plug either on the top or the hinge lipping of the fire door blank, this can confirm any queries regarding the door leaf’s fire rating and traceability. It is very important that you do not remove or paint over the labels as these can still provide a labelled or certificated pass even without the manufacture O&M’s and certificates. These labels can provide information regarding door fire rating, test evidence, product number, manufacturer, etc.

Fire Door Relabelling
BM Trada Plug Meanings

If your fire door has no identifying stickers or plugs, we can then carry out a Nominal Inspection; This is widely accepted by building control, owners, leaseholders etc. In summary, we look at all factors regarding the door and conclude in our professional opinion whether the fire door is compliant and would be effective in a fire situation. The factors include frame, ironmongery, seal, glass/ aperture, closers/ locks, signage and the door leaf itself.

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